Thursday, August 27, 2009

Separation of action and reaction

The greater the distance between a user’s action and the system’s reaction, the more you need to emphasise the relationship between the action and the reaction.

Distance can be measured in space, or in time.


  1. Odd way of putting it, but yes, feedback is fundamental.

  2. @Anonymous, I think they are trying to be a little deeper then that, by suggesting that the level of feedback to an action has to correspond to where or when the reaction occurs. For example, a "please wait" or "working" type staller is appropriate in a web form when the reaction will be somewhat delayed, but not when the delay is ordinary (short).

  3. @paulie right on. I actually had to stop and think for a second because I think that most UX designers have this so ingrained that it's like breathing.

    Especially on the web, users tend to treat all non-addressed pauses as a connection error so it's vital that we let them know that something is happening.


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